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ASP and .Net Programmer

Xcelerate Media, Inc., headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, is a custom eLearning company looking for an ASP and .Net Programmer to assist with development of content for a wide variety of customized courseware.

The ideal candidate would be an:

  • ASP and .Net Developer, Active Server Pages
  • ASP - VBScript - Visual Basic - Web Developer
  • Developer - Programmer - Web Application Developer - Web Programmer

Key Attributes Include:

  • Strong work ethic and ability to perform and manage projects within a team-based environment
  • Self-motivated, professional, energetic
  • Success-oriented with a positive personality and excellent
    communication skills
  • Solid customer service skills and ability to maintain client relationships

Key Responsibilities:

  • Complete project requirements as assigned by and report directly to the
    LMS Manager
  • Accomplish project deliverables in a timely manner or by deadline
  • Manage IT-based operations/projects
  • Confirm programmed operations by conducting tests, quality assurance and completion of modifications by customers and/or Account
    Management team
  • Maintain records by documenting program development and revisions
  • Maintain confidential customer content and project information
  • Answer and provide resolution for Support calls or inquiries
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing additionally related results
    as needed

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree or Similar Certification Preferred
  • Proficiency in .Net
  • Proficiency in ASP with VBScript
  • Proficiency in SQL (SQL Server 2005)
  • Proficiency writing Javascript and raw HTML

To apply for this position, please submit your request for consideration and resume to Nicole Sprouse or to HR@xceleratemedia.com 

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  Current Opportunities:  
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  - ASP and .Net Programmer
  - Courseware Developer
  - Freelance Technical Writer
  - Mobile Applications Developer
  - Quality Assurance Associate
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